In order to visualize a perspective of relevant present-day consequences, it is presupposed that zombies and cyborgs are significant creations to emerge from World War I. Be it allegorical or symbolic, looked at in their historical context both creatures possess the potential of diverse synapses from all areas of today’s society, from pop culture to the newly emboldened nationalism. Looking at the idea of the zombie, as a fallen angel or a rotting mythological hero, we can illustrate the loss of the ability to transform real events through mythology into a story of salvation. A crucial role is played by the dissolution of, or fundamental shock to, concepts such as material and matter, nature and culture, or landscape and civilization, as classical requirements for societal creation mythologies. The cyborg on the other hand, already carrying within itself the original conflict between nature and machine, holds at the ready new potential in the post-humanistic discourse in the context of mythology and science.

Live performance at Chapter Arts/Cardiff September 2014
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