Traveling through the universe with Donna Haraway and Octavia E. Butler intermixing and exploiting weird life: critters, extremophiles, starships and dwellings of all kind
Monotype, 2020, 45x65cm

Frigyes Karinthy's Voyage to Faremido is a science fiction novella in which the adventures of Swift's character Gulliver continue and an early examination of artificial intelligence, with a pacifist theme. As as a direct reaction to the cyborgization of a warfare industry "Voyage to Faremido" was written in 1916 much earlier than comparable literary reactions such as "Lord of the Rings" by J.R.R. Tolkien and "Herbert West - Reanimator" by H.P.Lovecraft
Monotypes (partly Photoshop colored), 2020, from 10x25 to 22x25cm 
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