Series Critters, Monotype, 2021, 45x65cm/65x45cm
Intermixing and exploiting weird life in the universe with Donna Haraway and Octavia E. Butler:   Critters, extremophiles, starships and dwellings of all kind 
Series 20.000 Leagues Under the Sea, Monotype, 2021, 45x40cm
Traveling through the Endless expanses of the underwater universe 
Series Earthseed, Monotype, 2020, 45x65cm
Traveling through the universe with Donna Haraway and Octavia E. Butler
Series Faremido Monotype, 2020, from 10x25 to 22x25cm
Frigyes Karinthy's Voyage to Faremido is a science fiction novella in which the adventures of Swift's character Gulliver continue and an early examination of artificial intelligence, with a pacifist theme. As as a direct reaction to the cyborgization of a warfare industry "Voyage to Faremido" was written in 1916 much earlier than comparable literary reactions such as "Lord of the Rings" by J.R.R. Tolkien and "Herbert West - Reanimator" by H.P.Lovecraft 
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