Bunker types from Paul Virilio's Bunker Archeology lino printed on Baumeister Magazine sheets. Virilo got a first glimpse on the sea as a child after 1945 because the Germans had blocked the beaches for the Atlantic Wall. In my childhood we used to bathe between these bunkers every summer. I grew up at Düren a completely destroyed city in WW2. We used to play in the woods between bunkers.

The Baumeister Magazine of the 1950s celebrates architectural concepts of rationalism that can only be distinguished from Albert Speer and Co in their pseudo-modesty. Even found my own school in it.

Both Westwall Bunkers and the Baumeister Magazine provide an interesting perspective on Speer’s ruins value theory (Ruinenwerttheorie) according to time and (out-)lasting. 
Booklet with 8 linoleum prints and collages, 2020, 19x12cm
Booklet of Types
Edition (8 + 2 a.p.) including a remixed GDR booklet as a collection of different types of military aircraft and an golden overprinted handicraft instruction to the respective model: patriarchal militarism and parochal imagery of feminity in space encountering critters and other possible life forms in space such as mushroom spores added to fuselage exteriors of rockets by NASA for test purposes  

Booklet with 8 linoleum prints and collages, 2020, 19x12cm

Linoleum print on inkjet, 2020, 28x39cm
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